Mobile Honey Extraction Technology

International Honey Product’s is introducing the world’s first commercial mobile honey extraction system.


Our team has engineered and fabricated a custom designed 32’ harvesting trailer containing a 120 frame extraction line complete with de-boxer, honey and wax press, uncapper, stand, centrifuge spinner, conveyor systems, air curtain, seamless food grade fiberglass reinforced panels, screwless checkerplate flooring, touchless hand washing station, weigh scale, heat exchanger, filtration system, barreling system with pumps, a 23 kW diesel power plant, a steam pressure washer for sanitization, climate control system, auto leveling, and a screened awning. The complete extraction line is permanently fitted into the trailer.


Our technology allows beekeepers to fully harvest, extract, process, filter and barrel their honey right in their bee yard.


Mobile Extraction Honey System
120 Frame Extraction Line - Trailer
120 Frame Extraction Line - Trailer
120 Frame Extraction Line - Trailer
120 Frame Extraction Line - Trailer
Mobile Honey Trailer
Mobile Honey Trailer
Mobile Honey Trailer
Mobile Honey Trailer
Mobile Honey Trailer

From its initial field testing in its own bee yards within Manitoba, Canada, International Honey Products has been able to achieve the following results:

  • Fully harvest, extract, process, filter, and barrel 3,200 pounds of honey per hour, right in the bee yards.

  • 42 percent increased efficiencies with a reduction of labour, vehicles, fuel, insurance, extraction equipment, hot rooms, maintenance, repairs, and utilities.

  • Run 36% more hives with the same amount of equipment and minor capital investment.

  • Increased honey yields of 46 percent.

  • Reduction of environmental footprint by eliminating trips from bee yards to extraction facilities.

  • Less disturbance to the bees by maintaining wet frames post-extraction.

  • Reduction of diseases and spreading of mites/diseases with sanitization procedures between bee yards.

  • Reduction of transmission of diseases, viruses, and mites by eliminating the need of exchanging honey supers from bee yard to bee yard, and providing more time for be management.  


International Honey Products is pleased to offer the world’s first and most advanced processing system ever built. 


We make honey harvesting mobile and easy!


For more information on our product, please contact us.

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